It's been awhile since I've written anything, but I've been really busy with work and really busy thinking about what matters (seriously, that part is not sarcasm). During the process I discovered that I needed a new tagline. Well, really I decided I needed something that can't just fit on one line of a business card, but I needed something that tells everyone what and how I think. So read on and feast your eyes on my new tagagraph (yes, I just combined tag and paragraph into one word - live with it).

Let's create and lead (If you think following is a good idea there is probably no point in reading any further). Let's bring ideas to the table that are new and unique (or at least try to). Let's tell the rest of the world that mediocrity is only acceptable in automobiles and politics (which it seems to me they've become). Let's build a repertoire that will forever bond client and designer (not in a legal way, but in a fun working kind of way). Let's respect each other's profession and create success together. Let's communicate in a clear and concise manner (just don't forget I'm a designer not a writer). Let's have designers become copywriters and copywriters become designers (I love stick figures). Let's not believe our doctors (if you really want, it's just a suggestion and by no means will I be held legally liable for any of this). Let's turnoff our computers, cell phones and TVs for 1 day every week. Let's spend more time with people that really matter. Let's connect face to face once in a while (of course I may have that paper bag on my face since that Proactive just has been working lately). Let's make a pact to not take ourselves too seriously. Last, but not least, let's all laugh uncontrollably at least once a day.