Working with Rodney Rogers from R2 Copy we were hired to create an annual report for the Baptist Easley Foundation. In the past their annual reports had stuck to the idea of highlighting the basics of how the foundation benefits the Baptist Easley Hospital. After a couple of conversations with the director it was pretty obvious this hospital was a crucial part of this relatively small town. There were so many ways the Foundation and Hospital impacted the community. We focused on the idea of how they touch peoples lives thus the theme of “Touching Lives”. In a few short hours the Foundation easily put together many, many candidates for possible stories. It was evident the community has stories to tell so away we went to tell them. With some great photography from George Lee we were able to put together an great report that lets people know how the money they contribute affects the community the live in. Since we used so many pages telling the stories we had to come up with a simple way to highlight the contributors – which was done simply with an accordion fold out printed 1 color and glued to the back inside cover.